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Population ageing and building stock ageing are usually tackled as two separate subjects, and each has already received much attention. However, the combined impact of these processes of ageing, i.e. “Double Ageing”, is a much more complex issue to address. The Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation advocates that tackling this acute issue would require an integrated, people-centric “Double Smart” approach which leverages smart aging and smart city efforts holistically in order to enhance the sustainability, liveability and resilience of cities.

Consisting of four thematic sessions, one main forum and an online exhibition, Social Innovation Regional Forum (SIRF) 2020 examines the challenges of double aging and addresses them by offering proposals and strategies. Join academics, industry leaders, and stakeholders from Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and beyond as we explore the possibilities that a double smart approach to social innovation enables for the better future of sustainable cities and their inhabitants.

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